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Librarian Work Wear #6 Pencil Skirt Special!

16 September 2013

This post is sort of three Librarian Work Wear posts in one. I bought these three pencil skirts from Ebay a few weeks ago, as they were a total bargain at £6.99 each. The skirts are lined, and really stretchy so you can walk pretty fast in them.

I love the variety of colours available, I am currently on a quest to procure a yellow pencil skirt. It's harder than it sounds! They seem to be constantly sold out in my size on Ebay :(

Similar colours are available from this seller, but the colours and sizes tend to run out quickly!


Thanks for reading :) xxx

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  1. I love the length of the skirt :) i love the colors too <3 i really need to start wearing more skirts :)