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15 September 2013

So I'm sure everyone has heard all about the new palettes and lipsticks offered by MUA! As soon as I spotted them for sale on thier website I ordered them haha! My bank account is not looking too healthy right now..

First up, the matte palette. I'm not sure whether this will get a lot of use, as I reeeeally love shimmery eye shadows, even for work. However, I am keen to experiment and try these out, as I do like neutral shades. This palette was £4 and is available here.

The smokin palette is GORGEOUS. I love it. I especially love the shimmery green and blue shades, and I can definitely see myself having some fun with these in the future. I'm not whether they might be a bit OTT for work, but the more neutral shimmery shades are right up my street. The only downside to this palette, (in my opinion) is that because MUA has included an eyeliner pencil, there isn't a handy eyeshadow applicator. It's not a big deal though, I'll just have to nip to Superdrug and pick some up! This palette is £6 and is available here.

Finally, I also purchased two of the matte lipsticks. I ordered the Pouty Pink and Peachy Keen shades. I am beginning to wish I'd ordered the Scarlet Siren as well though. Maybe next month! For £1 each, these are total bargain, and even if I don't get much use out of them, I won't be disappointed!

Peachy Keen

Pouty Pink

Look out for a Face of the Day post featuring some of these soon!

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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