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Weekly Book Round Up #5

13 September 2013


This is not my usual genre, and I tend to stick to authors I know and trust when it comes to Chick Lit really. But a friend read this and said it was really good, so I decided to give it a go. This is the love story of Ryan and Molly, and it is genuinely very touching in places. HOWEVER. It does jump about a lot. Sometimes it's in the present, and then it will flick back to the past, then into the future a bit, then back to the past. It becomes a bit disorientating after a while, and I started to forget what the main storyline was. I did find the characters interesting, in that they weren't totally perfect and lovable in every way. I liked that there were flaws to each of them, and that their story wasn't without its ups and downs. I'm not sure if I would read anything else by this author, and I think most people who enjoy Chick Lit would enjoy this, but unfortunately it just wasn't really for me.

Nicola's rating: 2/5

I've been having a bit of a Kathy Reichs binge this week. I've almost caught up to the latest book, so I'm kind of in a rush to get the last few read. The stories both follow Temperance Brennan (Forensic Anthropologist) as she goes about solving crimes. I have to say that at this point I am starting to find Tempe's love life to be frustrating. It seems to have been relegated to a side story that is sometimes brought up randomly, and sometimes completely left by the sidelines. I'm looking for some resolution people! The storyline of Spider Bones focuses on missing soldiers from Vietnam, and Flash and Bones is based around NASCAR racing. I really enjoy how the locations that Tempe works in are used to create different scenarios. Spider Bones is mainly based in Hawaii, and Flash and Bones is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. For me, these books are great escapism, but I would say that they can get pretty gruesome in places. At one point in Spider Bones I was eating when a particularly grim burial was exhumed, and it kind of put me off my food. So maybe one to avoid if you enjoy reading and eating at the same time!

Nicola's rating for Spider Bones: 3/5 (This one felt a bit slow going to me)
Nicola's rating for Flash and Bones: 4/5

I'm so pleased I managed three books this week! I'm still hoping to achieve my 150 book goal for 2013.

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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