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Librarian Work Wear #7

23 September 2013

Now that autumn is fast approaching, I'm starting to get out some of my warmer dresses. I really love the vintage cut of this dress from Folter Clothing. I actually purchased this from Modcloth, as that seems to be my go to place for vintage cut dresses. I love the wrap design on the bust, although it did need stitching up a bit as it was gaping slightly. The polka dots are also a massive hit with me, as we all know!

I've teamed this dress up with a bright yellow cardigan, and bright blue shoes. I feel that autumn doesn't have to be a season of dark colours! The cardigan is one I have already featured, and the shoes were actually my wedding shoes. I also bought these from Modcloth, unfortunately they are no longer available.

 Outtake: This week Bernie wanted to be in my photos! So here's a cute puppy for you all to squee about.

Thanks for reading :) xxx


  1. You have an amazing collection of dresses! This dress is so pretty! & Bernie is super cute!!

    1. Haha thanks! Bernie is super cute, and she knows it too :P