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New York Color Pressies!

25 September 2013

Recently one of my friends gave me these New York Color items as a thank you present, and she did a pretty good job of picking out my kind of colours (Cheers Pippa!).

These eyeshadows are adorable, they don't seem to be particularly pigmented, but I think they could be built up.  I really like that they come with a handy little applicator. The packaging doesn't seem too sturdy, so I wouldn't say this is something you could just chuck in your handbag as I could see the lids breaking. These eyeshadows are available from Superdrug.

I've also got this lovely nail polish to try out at some point! I've got quite a few polishes in shades similar to this, I clearly just really love greeny blues.

Watch out for this bad boy in a Nails of the Day post soon!

Thanks for reading :) xxx

1 comment:

  1. I bought the exact same nail polish a couple of months ago but haven't tried it out yet, i'm obsessed with mint green at the moment!

    The eye shadows are really nice colours :)