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Librarian Work Wear #4

02 September 2013

So I had to do a post with this skirt because I LOVE it. It's so pretty! and pleaty!

The Skirt

 So I spotted this beauty on the Next website. I ordered it online and it was delivered super speedily FOR FREE to my local Next store. I love the pleats and the summery floaty-ness of it so much. I am slightly worried about when I have to wash it, but I'm hoping I can find a way that will keep the pleats! It's also available in grey, and I am having to physically restrain myself from buying it haha!

The Top

Also included in my Next order were a few of these cute tank tops. You can buy this colour here, and the tops are currently on offer. You can get 2 for £7 or 3 for £10.50. They're pretty great to stock up on for summer, and there's a really nice variety of colours to choose from.

The Cardigan

I got this cute cardigan from H & M a few years ago, so unfortunately it's not something you guys can purchase now! I have had a look on ebay, and spotted a few similar designs to this, and of course, there's this design from Modcloth.

The Shoes

These are the black version of the shoes I recently reviewed. They were £4 from Primark, and are possibly still available. These shoes are comfy for short periods of time on your feet, but after a while they do tend to make your feet achey. But as I have said previously, for £4, they are a total bargain.

Thanks for reading :) xxx


  1. I love that skirt, its so pretty! :) I'm sure it'll wash fine :) xx

    1. Fingers crossed! I might try hand washing it.