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Superdrug Haul

29 September 2013

I felt a bit down in the dumps on Friday, so I decided to go and have a little splurge in Superdrug at lunch time!

Following my recent introduction to New York Color, I decided to have a nose at some of their other products.

I picked up this lip balm, which has a cute little apple set into the stick, and also has a slight apple scent. This shade is 'Applelicious Pink' and costs £2.49. I also got this top coat. It actually looks really pretty applied on its own, I thought it was quite Halloweeny! The only shade I can seem to find on Superdrugs website is this black one. These are £1.99 each.

Next up is this mascara from Collection. I was mainly sucked in by the awesome packaging and font design on this, but I'm excited to give the mascara a go too! This was £3.99, and is available here.

Finally, I grabbed the new Sleek blusher in Antique. This is such a gorgeous dusky shade, with a slight glitter to it. This was £4.49, but I can't seem to spot it on Superdrugs website. It's available from Sleeks website, here.

And as an added bonus, one of my friends bought a duplicate of this Sally Hansen nail polish, so I've bagged another mint green to play around with! This shade is called 'Jaded', and is available here for £6.99.

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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