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Face of the Day #11

02 November 2013

This is the other New York Color eye shadow that I was gifted, its called Pink Whisper, and it is a really lovely soft pink. Continuing my current trend of re-using things that I've not bothered with in a while, I teamed this up with another eyeliner that I think either came from a Glossybox, or a SheSaid beauty box.

This is the Eyeko skinny eyeliner pencil in plum, and its really not a colour I would normally use. But I really like the way it contrasts with the pink here.

I've also dug out this sample of Becca lip and cheek tint. This was definitely from a previous Glossybox, and its kind of brilliant. You need the tiniest amount to create a really cute blush effect, so this is genuinely a product that goes on and on!

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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  1. The Eyeko eyeliner looks so pretty! I have one in a greeny colour that I keep meaning to try xx