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Primark Haul #2

27 November 2013

I don't know about anyone else, but I've really been feeling the cold this year! I've been lusting after some of the gorgeous winter jumpers that are around at the moment, and decided to take Friday afternoon off last week to have a bit of a shop. Naturally, I spent most of my money in Primark because of the many bargains! 


I spotted these snazzy woollen skirts and had to snap them up! I absolutely love the red one, it's so Christmassy! The black one is more of an understated style that I could wear to work quite easily. I haven't worn the red one out and about yet, but I wore the black one recently and it was sooo snuggly. These were a snip at £8 each.

The main aim of the shop was for jumpers, and I decided on these two after a lot of faffing about. The heart one was also available in red with white hearts, but they didn't have my size unfortunately. These were £14 each, which I think is a really good price for snuggly winter wear.

So cute!

 I've been in dire need of new winter jammies for a while, so I picked up some cute separates. I'm a complete sucker for anything with woodland animals on, so these bottoms went straight in my basket! The reindeer ones were £6 and the fox ones were £5. The tops were £5 each.

 And finally, I grabbed a few pairs of thermal socks. My feet really suffer in the winter because I have terrible circulation, so if I'm not careful I can end up with chilblains. These were £2.50 for two pairs, I'm not sure whether these will do the job, but hopefully they'll keep me toasty!

So there you have it! This will probably be my last Primark haul before the new year, I always have a look in January while I'm sale shopping. Have you picked up any Primark bargains recently?


  1. That red skirt is amazing!


    PS I actually have the Radox muscle soak and had a lovely pink bath in it this morning!

  2. I love everything!! I so need to go in there this weekend <3

  3. Cute buys! I love the pjs, they look so comfy xx