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Nails of the Day #4

16 November 2013

NYC have a new range of top coats, which I happened to spot a while back in Superdrug. The Rock Muse Smoky top coats come in a range of shades, to add an extra smoky shimmer to your polishes! I picked up Green Day, because I'm a sucker for green glitter.

I had to think for quite a bit over what shade to pair this up with, and eventually settled on Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint in Watermelon. 

I only used one coat of the Watermelon, and I think if I was going to do this look again, I'd use two. I was a bit worried about the top coat not showing up much if the base was too dark, but the glitter makes it stand out quite nicely. There are some quite chunky bits of glitter mixed in with smaller bits in this polish, which makes me wonder whether it will last as a top coat, as I always seem to chip off big pieces of glitter pretty easily. I love the look this creates though, even on it's own this top coat could be quite a fun polish.

The Rock Muse top coats are £1.99 each, and are available from Superdrug. I could only find the black shade on their website, but you can check out the other colours available here.

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  1. These are amazing! Make me think of wizard of oz emerald city! Xx