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Weekly Book Round Up #14

15 November 2013

 So this is a bit sad. The final Morganville book! I have really enjoyed this series, and it's been great to watch the characters grow and get a bit more attitude. Still, it had to end sometime, and book 15 definitely ended the series well. The vampires have finally met their match in the form of the Daylighters, who have managed to imprison them. The humans all totally love it of course, except for Claire, Shane and Eve. Together, they have to fight back to get the vampires released (sounds totally crazy, but these Daylighter dudes are not cool). The book neatly ties up all the loose ends, and I definitely felt like I was happy to finish the series and say goodbye to all of my Morganville favourites! I'm interested to see what Rachel Caine comes up with next though, after finishing off Morganville and the Revivalist in the past two months.
Nicola's rating: 4/5
 Another vampire series! This is book 11 in this series, and I am beginning to get bored. It's been the same villain throughout all of the books, and I had thought that things would start to be resolved in this book, but nope. Same old bad guy resurrecting herself. A lot of this story was spent focusing on Zoey and her increasing anger and frustration, and the boyfriend issues which never seem to abate. The only real enjoyment I get from these books anymore is from the side characters, and the various friendships/relationships they have with each other. I will probably still read the next book, because I do care about what happens to the characters, but I hope that there will be some resolution soon!
Nicola's rating: 3/5
I was pretty pleased to see the return of Bridget Jones, although the major spoiler made me sad. If you don't know what the major spoiler is, and you don't want to know, DON'T READ ANY MORE.
Okay. Mr Darcy is dead. Bridget is having to cope with raising two small children, trying to write a screenplay, and venturing into the world of social media and online dating. This is all still very 'Bridget', and I'm glad that the character is still recognisable. There are still the same awkward encounters and embarassing situations that you'd expect, but mingled with heartbreakingly sad moments. It's been a few years since I've read the other two books, but this one definitely feels more grown up. However, I found that Bridget wasn't as relatable anymore. Obviously, she's now in her fifties and has children, but in places I just found myself getting annoyed at how unorganised and useless she was. That's always been an element in the other books, but in this one it seemed particularly grating. If you're a fan, I'd still recommend that you read it, but I'm quite glad that I got it from the library!
Nicola's rating: 3.5/5
Three books again this week! I've only got 10 left to read for my goal this year. If you're interested in following my progress, click the 'gr' at the bottom of this post to go to my Goodreads page, or the icon on the right hand side :)

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