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Wedding Details #4

25 November 2013

This weeks post is about hair and make up. This was relatively stress-free for me, as I'm terrible with both, so I knew that I would be looking for people to do it for me!

For my hair, I knew I would want it up, and that I would have a tiara and veil involved. Luckily I have a good friend who is also a hairdresser (cheers Jemma!) who was willing to come to my house and do a trial, and on the day come to my parents house and make my hair gorgeous!

I spent quite a long time scouring the internet looking for bridal make up artists. Make up is a very personal thing, and I knew that I wanted my make up to be very natural, nothing too over the top. Eventually, I stumbled across Emma's website. If you scroll through her bridal gallery, you'll see why I chose her! All of her brides look natural and radiant. Emma herself is extremely friendly, I was quite nervous about having a trial done, but she put me at ease and was really bubbly! She was great fun to have around on the day as well, and I would 100% recommend her to any Cambridgeshire brides. She also does make up lessons (for people who are marrying abroad) and make up for proms.

Will you be doing your own make up on your big day? Or will you be searching for a bridal make up artist?


  1. I was going to do my own make up but then Lisa told me her friend who does make up and does fashion shoots etc so to take the stress off doing my own make up I'll get her to do it :)

    I didn't realise Jemma did your hair, good job! :) Lovely photos :)

    1. I think it's a good idea to get someone else to do it, as long as they do it how you want! It's one less thing to have to worry about on the day :)

  2. Gorgeous! I'm going to be doing my own makeup (hope my hands wont be shaking though!) and still looking for someone to do my hair! xx

    Hips Like Cinderella