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Wedding Details #3

11 November 2013

Today's post is going to be about the dress (pretty important) and accessories.

I knew that my budget for my dress was going to be around £1000. Some people will think thats a hell of a lot of money (it is, I know) and some poeple will think that its nowhere near enough. I googled a lot of wedding dress websites to try and get an idea of what I wanted, and Sincerity Bridal seemed to have a lot of designs that I loved, and wouldn't break the bank. Before I'd even visited a bridal shop, I had my heart set on this design. The nearest stockist was in Colchester, so I booked an appointment and drove down with my mum.

I think we were both really nervous about the dress shopping experience, neither of us really knew what to expect! But if you go to a really good salon, they know how to make you feel comfortable. We went to Hilary B and they were fantastic. I tried on the dress that I had set my heart on first, and more or less thought I'd found my wedding dress! I tried on about 9 others, and ended up torn between my first choice, and this design. In the end, I went with the second option. I loved the way it cinched in my waist and had a full skirt but didn't look meringuey on me. I'm very short so I was really worried about all of the dresses looking awful on me, but they ordered my dress in a shorter length than the standard.

I wasn't going to wear a tiara originally, or a veil, but the bridal shop let me try them on with my dress and I was sold instantly. The tiara is only a very thin amount of crystals and beads, nothing too over the top, which was perfect for me. The veil was elbow length with small pearl-like beads scattered throughout to add a bit of shimmer.

In the run up to the day, we weren't sure what the weather was going to do. It rained all week, and I really thought that we were going to have to have the ceremony inside (BOO), but on the day it was lovely and sunny. I still managed to buy a cream shrug from Ebay just in case it got too chilly, and it turned out to be helpful on the day. I wouldn't recommend leaving this until the last minute like I did though! Never has a package been so eagerly waited for!

I knew that on the day I wouldn't want to wear heels. While I am really short, I just find heels to be so uncomfortable, and in the end, I was glad I went with flats. Wedding dresses are heavy and make your hips ache like crazy, having your hair up is uncomfortable, and having sore feet as well would have been awful! I ordered these cute blue shoes from Modcloth (no longer available) and I still wear them to work now. They're probably the only item of wedding wear that I still get regular use out of!

 A few more gratuitous dress shots ;)

Seriously. Do not underestimate the heaviness.
I honestly think I was really lucky to find my dress in the first shop I visited, I know thats not the case for everyone! But I really did find it to be the least stressful part of wedding planning. If you're planning a wedding, have you found your dress yet? I'd love to see some pictures! 


  1. Your dress is so beautiful :)

    I go dress shopping on 21st Nov and I'm soooo nervous! I can't say I'm looking forward to it :/
    I hate attention and I'm worried I will feel pressured into reacting a certain way when I see myself in a wedding dress! Plus i'm worried I won't find the perfect dress lol x

    1. Aww try not to be too nervous about it! It's really fun :) the girls were all really nice where I went, they know that most people are a bit nervous. If you don't like a dress, don't worry about offending anyone! It's got to be the right dress for you :)

  2. Gorgeous! And those shoes matched your bouquet perfectly! Xx