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Weekly Book Round Up #15

22 November 2013

Well it's been a bit of a slow week reading-wise. Mainly because right after I finished this, I picked up the second Game of Thrones novel, and its been keeping me going all week. This is Lauren Kate's newest offering. I read her 'Fallen' series, and really didn't like it. The writing was poor and the characters were awful. But I spotted she'd got a new novel out and decided to grab it from the library. The main character in this series is called Eureka (I know), and the story begins with her and her mother being in a terrible car accident. Her mum is killed, so she goes to live with her dad and his wife. She has some serious depression/anxiety issues, and tries to kill herself, so understandably her dad is pretty freaked out and overprotective which results in quite a bit of tension at home. Anyway, she meets this guy who turns out to be a Seedbearer (sounds gross, but he's meant to be Eureka's natural enemy, so of course they fall in love) and it also turns out that Eureka has the ability to raise the lost city of Atlantis if she cries. Standard. I do think that the writing has improved from the Fallen series, and I didn't find the characters to be too obnoxious, but the story is going to need work to keep it going. I hear this is going to be a trilogy and I think I probably will read the next one, but I probably won't be buying it.
Nicola's rating: 2.5/5

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