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Face of the Day #8

12 October 2013

This is definitely more of an evening look, but I really wanted to try out my new Be a Bombshell eyeliner and HD Brows blusher from September's Glossybox! I also used the green shade from the MUA Smokin Palette.

I started by applying the eyeliner. This stuff is pretty fantastic. It dries super quickly, meaning that you have less chance of smudging it everywhere through impatience/rushing. It's also really easy to apply, and doesn't apply in a smeary way. I've tried felt eyeliners before that just haven't had the pigment and ink to really impress me, but this is almost like using a liquid liner.

I'm also pretty excited to show off the HD Brows blusher. This shade is just absolutely gorgeous, it applies really nicely with the little pad provided, and blends into the skin really well.

This is not a look I would wear to work (bit too eyeliner heavy for that) but I think it works great for an evening out!

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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  1. I love it! The palette looks amazing, so many nice colours! I love your make up here :) xx