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Weekly Book Round Up #8

04 October 2013

It really bothers me that this isn't the cover on the edition I have. The edition I have looks like this. I think this was the last in a trilogy, it certainly sounded like the end of the series anyway. These stories followed Bryn, an undertaker who is murdered by her boss, and then brought back to life by a new drug. Unfortunately she needs a shot of this drug every 24 hours otherwise she'll start to decompose. I know, grim. After a bit of a shaky start these books really did start to improve for me, however I did find this book to be so action packed I was a bit exhausted on behalf of the characters. It got to be a bit ridiculous. I understand wanting to keep readers hooked, but maybe turn down the bombs and zombies and explosions a bit. Overall, this was enjoyable, but I didn't enjoy it as much as her Morganville Vampires series.

Nicola's rating: 3/5

I've been trying to put off reviewing this one because it's hard to sum it up without spoilers! It's basically a 'what happens when we die?' kind of book. I found this to be quite slow going at first, but once I got into it, I enjoyed it more than I did The Crane Wife. This is aimed more at young adults, and I found that his style of writing changed quite a lot, it was less flowery and try-hard, which I think works better for him. This is the story of a boy that drowns, and what happens to him afterwards. There are flashbacks to when he was alive, and the story ends in a way that very much leaves it up to your own imagination. I don't think I can really get into it more than that, without spoilery spoilering everything else. Read it for yourselves and see what you think :P

Nicola's rating: 3/5

This was fun. Rachel Hawkins is one of those great authors who really sucks you in to whatever you're reading. Having read her previous series, Hex Hall, I was really keen to get stuck into this. I'm not whether its going to become a full series or not, but I hope so. This book follows Izzy and her mother as they travel to a new town to investigate a haunting. The dialogue between Izzy and her friends is really enjoyable, the storyline is super fun, and these kinds of books are just great for a bit of a breather from heavier, serious topics like life after death (I'm looking at you, More Than This). It's also a pretty short read, I got this done in a day.

Nicola's rating: 4/5

Yay three books in a week again! I'm not sure if I'll manage it next week or not. I've got 25 more books to read before the end of the year to reach my goal of 150, I hope I can do it!

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