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Primark Haul

01 October 2013

I don't tend to visit Primark very often, maybe once or twice a year. I like to grab stuff for each season, and I definitely needed to update my jumper stash before winter was properly upon us! This is what I grabbed.

Stretchy tops. Comfy, casual, good for layering. I think these were only about £3 each.

Stretchy tee and jumper. I think this jumper will probably need layering too, its quite a thin knit. I just liked the colour of the tee.

More jumpers! The purple jumper is not so pink in real life, and I love the little gold buttons on the shoulders. This green one is to replace a similar one that I've had for ages and has gotten a bit ratty. 

I haven't really got an excuse for this. I just wanted it. You can't beat a good printed shirt. This was £7.

Cute mittens! These were only £2 each. I'm not going to turn that down! Now I will have cosy hands all winter :3

I always grab a load of tights when I'm in Primark because they're so cheap. I love these lettery ones, but I have a feeling they will probably ladder pretty easily.  I think these were priced between £2-3.50.

So there you have it! Not a particularly astounding haul, but I've been on a bit of a tight budget this month, what with Christmas approaching.

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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  1. Great buys! I'm obsessed with primark, i literally go in every other week haha!