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Weekly Book Round Up #11

25 October 2013

Last Friday was pay day and I ran out of things to read before that, so I decided to download some of the free classics onto my Kindle. I've not read any Jane Austen before, so this might be a bit of an odd review. I found the main character, Emma, to be pretty irritating. She thinks of herself as a bit of a matchmaker after successfully marrying off her governess, and decides to try and set her friend Harriet up with someone. Obviously, it all goes wrong, Harriet gets proposed to by a farmer and Emma persaudes her to turn him down, sets her up with a vicar, except the vicar is more interested in Emma, then Harriet falls in love with Mr Knightley and as soon as Emma finds that out, she decides that she loves him too. It's completely mental. The story is fun, but Emma is so snobbish in places, and some of the other characters really annoyed me as well. I don't think this has put me off reading more Jane Austen and similar classics though, I think it's good to have a go at trying different genres and authors.

Nicola's rating: 2.5/5

I'm finally up to date with Kathy Reichs! Yay! This is the latest Temperance Brennan novel, and I've been expecting some kind of resolution regarding the Pete (sort of ex-husband) and Andy (on and off boyfriend) situation. So it's two weeks until Pete's wedding to Summer, and Temperance finally hands over the signed divorce papers, and I'm thinking "Yay! Now she can focus on Andy" and then BOOM. At the end of the novel (SPOILERS IMMINENT) HE CALLS OFF THE FREAKING WEDDING. And we're left wondering whether Pete filed the divorce papers or not. By this point I am getting pretty irritated. And also, (MORE SPOILERS) we receive the tragic news that Andy's estranged daughter Lily has died from a heroin overdose. Good god. And that's just the romantic plot, never mind the whole forensic anthropology thing. This story focuses on human trafficking, and the war in Afghanistan. Obviously Temperance gets a reason to go out and visit her daughter (who is now in the marines) and solve some crimey stuff at the same time. Really I felt like this was a bit of a let down. I found the storyline to be quite boring in places, which is usually not a problem I have with these novels. There were moments of excitement/anxiety, but mainly in reference to her cat. At one point, you're almost led to believe that the bad guys have done away with him as a way of intimidating Tempe, but it turns out she just shut him in the wardrobe (facepalm).
Nicola's rating: 3/5
Only two books read this week, I'm on 132 out of 150 which is making me feel a bit less confident about achieving my goal. I've only got 9 more weeks to read 18 books, eek :\ 

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