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Librarian Work Wear #9

07 October 2013

More autumny dress goodness! You will have noticed by now that the majority of my Librarian Work Wear posts are dress based. This is because I have a serious addiction, and my bank account is always suffering from my spontaneous dress purchases. Not to mention my wardrobe space. This dress is another Modcloth favourite, and I actually bought this originally to wear for my engagement shoot. It ended up being so cold that I had to wear a massive coat, so it's not really visible in the pictures, but I still love it.

I think the buttons down the side are the best thing about this dress. They don't actually function as buttons, they are just stitched on for decoration. You can buy the dress here for $44.99.

I'm also enjoying being able to get my boots out! I bought these last year from ebay, the brand is Poetic Licence. These took some serious breaking in and they completely crippled my feet at first, which meant that I didn't really get to wear them much last year. This year, I'm going to get my moneys worth out of them for sure! I love the detail on the side of the boots, just adds a little bit of extra interest. I'm currently lusting after these amazing boots from Poetic Licence. Love the purple!

Outtake: This is how I usually stand.

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