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Wedding Details #1

14 October 2013

I've seen a few people blogging about upcoming weddings which is super exciting! I got married in May this year and I've decided to share some of the tips and sellers, and of course, photos from our wedding. I've also been a bit of a bad blogger recently and haven't done any new Librarian Work Wear posts! The weather has been really crappy and it's so dark all the time! I'll try and sort myself out for next week, I promise!

The first item on my agenda is FLOWERS. I really wanted blue Hydrangeas for my wedding flowers, I think they're just stunning. Unfortunately, in May in the UK, this wasn't likely to be possible without it being super expensive. So, I hopped onto Etsy (my wedding saviour) to see what I could find in the way of paper flowers. There, I stumbled upon The Little Red Button. Stacy, the owner, talked me through all of the choices and price options available, and even sent me swatches of the card used in the making of my bouquet and boutonnieres. They really are so unusual, and as I chose not to throw my bouquet at the end of the day (because I didn't want to concuss anyone), I now have a lovely keepsake. The groomsmen all kept their boutonnieres as well. I would 100% recommend The Little Red Button to any future brides looking for something a little bit different!

My dad looking sort of happy :P

We also had a centrepiece for the table where we had the ceremony and signed the register. This was provided by a florist who shall remain nameless, as I was pretty annoyed at their service. They took a really long time to send us quotes and let us know what was going on, and I really think that I should have given up on them and arranged something with a different florist. But on the day, the flowers arrived, and they were beautiful. I just could have done without the added stress of having to constantly phone the florists to check that everything was good to go!

Two very different wedding experiences related to flowers there! If I was planning a wedding now, I don't think I would be as reluctant to kick up a fuss if a supplier wasn't performing to the standards I expected.

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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  1. great post! I love your bouquet, like you say, it's really different! :) I can't believe your florist didn't get back to you for ages :( at least they turned up on the day :) xx