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Librarian Work Wear #10

21 October 2013

I've recently bought myself a new dress from Modcloth. I haven't been buying things from them as much recently because of customs prices being so high and being poor after paying for a wedding. But I spotted this dress on the site about 3 weeks ago and just had to order it!

This is the A Pebble's Throw Dress. I absolutely love the gorgeous blue detailing.

I've teamed it up with the Charter School Cardigan  in Honey, the Shoeful of Sugar heels, and my new tights from Primark.

These tights are brilliant. It's a shame they're so thin though! I'm really worried about snagging them.

I think this is probably my favourite Librarian Work Wear post yet! Now I'm off to go and look at some more dresses...


  1. Oh my gosh I love this dress! I love how you styled it :)

    Sammy xx

  2. Cute shoes!