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Wedding Details #2

28 October 2013

Today, Wedding Details is all about FAVOURS. I struggled for such a long time to think up what kind of favours I wanted, or whether to have them at all! Our wedding was on quite a strict budget, and I really found it quite difficult to think about whether the favours would need extra packaging, on top of having to buy the favours themselves. STRESS.

Eventually, we ended up with a variety of favours. I bought seed bombs from this shop on Etsy, (which most people have planted and apparently, not a lot has happened). These were set out at each table setting. I also decided that instead of floral centrepieces, we would use some of our own glasses (similar to these) for decoration. I bought LOADS of straws from this shop on Etsy, in green and blue as that was our colour theme (our favourite colours). I then bought pinwheels from this shop. These were all set out in the glasses on each table so that people could help themselves. There was a slight disaster with the pinwheels. I ordered 25 green and 25 blue, and ended up with 25 pink instead of green! This was only 4 days before the wedding, but luckily I had a friend who was a complete star and helped me to remove the pink card and replace it with green in time for the wedding. The owner of the shop was also extremely apologetic and refunded me for the pink pinwheels.

I also purchased a set of photobooth props from this shop. I wasn't really sure how these would be used because we couldn't afford to hire a proper photobooth, and there wasn't really room at our venue to set one up. Luckily, our photographer came up with the idea of just handing them out at the reception, which made for some great photos! These weren't really intended to be favours, but they were great fun for people to play around with and broke the ice a little bit!

I also had to rethink our exit for after the ceremony, as our venue didn't allow confetti. I didn't really like the idea of rose petals, so instead I bought bubbles. These turned out to be a great idea, they look lovely in the pictures we had taken straight after the ceremony, and they were pretty cheap too. I ordered mine here.

Thanks for reading :) xxx


  1. I love these favours and I love the pin wheels! I have all this to think about!! Don't even know what I want yet :|

    I love your weddin details posts :)

    1. Haha thanks! It is a total nightmare. I quite like those cute little jars of sweets you can get too. Just scout around different wedding websites until you find something you like the look of :)

  2. Aww you look beautiful! I'm very excited to see wedding related posts as I'm planning my own wedding for next May! Would love to see more from your big day! xxx

    Hips Like Cinderella

    1. Aww thanks :) I've got a few more posts planned about my wedding so keep an eye out!