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Weekly Book Round Up #20

27 December 2013

This is awfully shocking but I haven't actually fully read a book this week! Christmas is always a very busy affair for us, as we tend to visit my family for lunch and then travel to Lincolnshire to visit Luke's family. However, this year my mum, dad and brother all came down with Norovirus! So we went straight to Luke's family, and I haven't had access to a laptop/computer. It's been nice to have a break but I have missed blogging. I hope you all had a more successful Christmas than my family did anyway!

I'm currently rereading this chunky book by David Starkey. It's a non-fiction book which takes you through the history of the wives of Henry VIII. I know, proper nerdy. But I've been wanting to reread it for ages! I did get a couple of books for Christmas, and some Amazon vouchers which have also gone to books, so I'll have some lovely new things to review in the new year :)

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