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Glossybox December 2013

21 December 2013

So this is probably going to be my penultimate Glossybox. I have enough Glossydots for a free box in January, but after that I'm going to cancel my subscription (again). The boxes have really gone downhill for me recently. October's was shocking, November's was passable, but the December special and the standard December box have really put me off. Here's what I received in the standard December box.

First up, because it's a slightly random product, is the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor. I'm not too unhappy about this being included in the box. Razors are expensive so getting a freebie to try out is pretty good! Having said that, it is a BIG razor. It looks very clunky next to my usual Gillette Venus. Plus my skin doesn't normally get on with the razors that include soaps. But I am willing to give this a try!

I also received the Rituals Miracle Balm hand cream. I've currently got two other hand creams on the go at the moment (Hand Food from Soap and Glory, and the Chocolate and Raspberry one from the November box). However, this is a full-size product which retails at £10, and it smells pretty good! It definitely applies more like a balm than a cream, its very thick.

Now we get on the the less positive reviews. Glossybox have really bigged up that we'd be getting a Maybelline product in this months box, and I've received the Browdrama Sculpting Mascara. I'm not going to get any use out of this as the shade I have received is dark brown. Seeing as I'd rather not end up looking like Alistair Darling for Christmas, this will be put aside for a giveaway or something.

Horrible blurry photo :( The light has really not been kind to me today!

I also received the Beautiful Movements lip gloss. I can't see a name for the shade, but on the Glossybox card it's described as 'nude'. Its sort of a dusky pink colour, but it's pretty boring. Not particularly Christmassy. But I do really like that it is cruelty free.

Finally, the product that really pushed me into cancelling Glossybox. I was annoyed enough at the brown nail polish we got in the Special Edition Christmas box, and now I've received another one! This is Chocolat by Seche, and it's a full-size polish which is cool, but I hate the colour. It's kind of a rust brown and I just really dislike it.

Sorry for the awful nails and for only swatching one! I didn't want to have to remove my glitter polish to do a whole hand of brown. Bleurgh. This is one coat.

So this is almost good bye for the second time around Glossybox! Hopefully Birch Box or Love Me Beauty will suit me better.

What do you think about the December Glossybox?


  1. ooh there's some lovely thing in this months box!
    great blog by the way, love the layout :)

  2. I had the rituals shower gel and absolutely loved it, it smelt amazing! :)