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Weekly Book Round Up #18

13 December 2013

While only reading one book this week may seem underwhelming, this is my 150th book this year! YAY! I'm really pleased to have completed my Goodreads challenge, it's nowhere near as many books as I read last year (254), but I got married this year, and acquired an adorable puppy. So it's been kind of a busy one. Plus work has become busier as we've had some shenanigans going on which I shall not get into here. I'm fairly sure that I'm not going to set myself a reading goal for next year. I'm considering applying to start a degree with the Open University in October 2014, so I don't want to set goals that are unattainable! Anyway, onwards to the book review. This is the first part of the third Game of Thrones book. I was quite excited to start this one, as it starts to go into territory that hasn't been covered by the TV series yet, although not much. The second part that I'm reading at the moment is really getting into it. I enjoyed the introduction of Jaime as a viewpoint, but I was a bit miffed about the lack of Theon. Not that I like Theon, but I wanted to know what was going on with him. It seemed like we were getting updates from everyone else! He's yet to appear in the one I'm reading at the moment as well, so I'm wondering if he doesn't reappear until book 4. I'm also really enjoying Jon and Ygritte. I really liked her in the TV show though, so I was bound to be a bit biased. I'm trying to take these books slowly because it's ages until the final ones come out, but I seem to be devouring them unfortunately!

Nicola's rating: 4/5

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  1. This is my favorite book series, and even though it took me a while to read them, I still devoured them like a bear with honey!

    Congratulations on your 150th book read! (OMG) I really need to step up my game.