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Nails of the Day #5

30 December 2013

There's nothing like a sparkly nail polish for new years! I've been loving the look of the new Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection, so I decided to pick up Gold Majesty in Superdrug during their 3 for 2 sale. 

I'm pretty much in love with this polish. Not only is it a great shade with plenty of sparkle, it's super strong too. I've had this on for two days now, without a top or base coat, and it hasn't chipped at all. I'm very impressed. I've certainly got my eye on a couple of other shades in this range. Purple Duchess and White Pearl look fantastic, I might just have to nab these next time I'm in town. The polishes are £3.99 each, and Gold Majesty is available here.


  1. Gorgeous nails! I love the Barry m glitter polishes xx

  2. This colour is so gorgeous! Sparkly for the New Year too. I only have one Barry M nail polish and it's one of the Gelly nail polish ones! I might have to invest in this one though hehe :-)


  3. I also own this! I LOVE it!! <3 my only negative about it is it's SO hard to remove!! It's so pretty though <3