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Wedding Details #5

19 December 2013

I haven't done a wedding post in ages, so I've decided to post one today! And today's topic is: the venue! Neither of us are particularly religious, so we didn't really feel comfortable with the idea of getting married in a church. We decided that Madingley Hall, a beautiful 16th century country house just outside of Cambridge, would be prefect. Their wedding planners talked us through everything that would happen on the day, and asked us about any specifics we wanted arranged, such as how we wanted to be announced when we came in to dinner (I know, fancy!).

The dining hall
 The food they served was absolutely incredible, and they catered to all tastes without making a fuss. We were provided with two menus to choose from, with vegetarian options throughout. The staff were incredibly helpful, and did their best to make sure that everyone had a great time.

The grounds are also incredibly beautiful, and we were lucky enough on the day to have the majority of our photos outside.

 For our reception, we had the use of the bar. We had our cupcakes and guestbook set out for people to sign, and Madingley Hall also provided an adorable postbox for all of our cards.

Adorable postbox is adorable.

Whats your ideal wedding venue?

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  1. Aww such a pretty venue! The photos are really nice :)