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Bernie's Christmas Haul

28 December 2013

As this was Bernie's first Christmas, she's been extremely spoilt! I thought I'd do a mini round up of all the toys she got for Christmas.

Looking pretty pleased with herself.

We picked up this toy from Pets at Home earlier today, so it's not technically a Christmas present, but I thought I'd include it anyway. This is made by Kong who are pretty good at making tough chewy toys. Bernie seems to really like this one, but it doesn't seem as strong as some of Kong's other toys. These come in a variety of colours and animals and are available here for £5 each.

Next up is this treat cube which Bernie got from Luke's mum. She loves this, it's great for when we go out for a bit. We keep aside some of her breakfast and put it in the treat ball, and she's perfectly happy chasing it around the house. She can pick it up quite easily and it keeps her entertained. Happy dog, happy owners! 

This chewy ring wasn't an immediate hit, but it had to be confiscated this morning after I realised she'd started to chew the little spikes off and eat them. She likes to chase after this if you roll it along the ground. 

This toy has been christened the Loofah Dog. We're not really sure what the loofah bit is made of, so we're keeping an eye on Bernie when she plays with it to make sure she doesn't eat it. This one seems to be slightly less popular than the others, possibly because it doesn't squeak. 

The reindeer was something I happened to spot on Sainsburys on Christmas eve and decided to grab. It was incredibly popular but we've had to remove the stuffing from its head because Bernie ripped a hole in it almost instantly. 

 One of Bernie's favourite toys this Christmas has to be the stuffing-free rabbit. These toys have no stuffing in, but they do have squeakers. So if your dog does love ripping stuff up, these aren't entirely safe to be left with your dog unsupervised. We've had to remove them from ours already, as Bernie had pulled the little bags containing the squeakers out of the rabbit within about 20 minutes of playing with it. These also come in a variety of animals, but I could only find the duck on the Pets at Home site. It's here for £6.

Finally, this was Bernie's main present. I spotted this on Amazon a month or so before Christmas, and thought it looked great. The idea is the squirrels can be hidden in the trunk, or removed to be played with. Bernie seems to mainly enjoy running up and down the living room with the trunk and throwing the squirrels out as she goes. It's definitely her favourite, but she has to be rationed with it as it was quite expensive and I'm not really sure how robust it is! You can find these on Amazon here, although they are currently out of stock. You can also purchase replacement squirrels on Amazon.

Sorry for the slightly random post, but hopefully this will have been helpful and interesting to some dog owners out there! 

Did you do anything special for your pets this Christmas?


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