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Limited Collection Eyeshadow Dust Pots

18 December 2013

I made quite a mess trying these out over the weekend! I normally tend to stick to pressed shadows and powders, but as I was sent these as freebies for trialling purposes, I decided to get messy for once.

First up is this gorgeous blue. I loved this when I first swatched it, and I love it even more now! You can't really see it here, but it's got lovely little flecks of gold in the shadow that catch the light beautifully. It sort of reminds me of a really sparkly goldfish haha! Slightly random but there you go.

This purple is probably my least favourite of the three. Whereas the others have some depth and shimmer to them, the purple is quite flat. It's still a lovely colour, but it doesn't wow me as much. One thing to mention with these is that they are extremely buildable. You can get away with applying a tiny amount and going for a subtle shimmer, or going full on with really bold pigmented colour. 

This is the pinky white shade which I went a little bit mental with. I had to blend it for quite a while just to get it looking slightly normal! I think this would work really well as a highlighter, or for a slightly sixties look with bold eyeliner and enormous lashes.

Overall, I'm not really sure that these have changed my mind and persuaded me into loose powders, but they are great fun and if you know what you're doing, you could really create some lovely looks with them! These eyeshadow pots £9.50 and are available here.


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