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Memebox Special #6 Whole Grain

31 July 2014

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win my first blog competition over at Kelly's blog, and my prize was a Whole Grain themed Memebox. This box was sold out on thier website, so I was pretty excited to see what was inside!

As you can see, the box is jammed full of goodies! The first item I pulled out was this Herbclinic Rice Bran Powder ($8, full size). This is meant to be mixed with milk and either oatmeal or rice to create a face mask. I haven't been brave enough to try it out yet, it seems like quite an odd product!

This Grinif Nature Oatmeal Scrub Bar ($9, full size) is another quite odd looking product! I don't normally tend to use bars of soap but my face wash is starting to run low so once that's out I'll be using this. I'll definitely report back on how I get on with it, normally I find bars of soap quite drying but I'm hoping this will be different!

This Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream ($20, full size) has to be the biggest tube of eye cream I've ever seen! It does say that it can be used on other areas of your face too which is just as well, I'd never be able to use it up otherwise! I've had to Google Galactomyces, which is apparently a type of yeast.

We also received this Purebess Galactomyces 100% ($15, full size). This is meant to be used at the beginning of your skincare routine. One to two drops are all that is needed, so this is another product that will last me ages!

I received one of these Purderm face masks in the Aloe Vera box but I still haven't had a chance to try it out yet! This one is the Purederm Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Mask in Oatmeal ($12, full size). It smells really nice although I'm a little apprehensive about the 'heat therapy' aspect of it, sometimes masks like that can irritate my skin but I'm definitely willing to give it a try!

We received quite a few Purederm products in this box, these Purederm Rice Bran Collagen Mask ($5 for 2, full size) look great, I've gained much more of an appreciation for sheet masks after trying out the lovely aloe vera ones! I shall be saving these up for a pampering night.

I tried this Purederm Daily Moisturising Hand Mask in Oatmeal ($7 for 1 pair, full size) over the weekend as once you put them on, you have to leave them for 20-30 minutes. My hands still feel super soft three days later so this was definitely a winning product in my opinion, even if it does feel a bit bizarre to be sat wearing gloves in summer!

The final product from the Whole Grain box is this Purederm Invigorating Foot Scrub in Walnut ($4, full size). I used this the other day after having a long day of running about in uncomfortable shoes, and it felt lovely to pamper my feet a bit! As well as walnut, this scrub also contains apricot seed and lavender oil. My feet felt lovely and soft afterwards, I wish there had been more than one sachet of this in the box!

Another fantastic box from Memebox, and even better, it was free! If you're interested, there are loads of amazing boxes available at the moment so definitely have a look at the Memebox website.

I've already got four more boxes on pre-order, I think I've developed an addiction! Have you tried Memebox yet?


  1. I have never heard of this box before but wow it seems pretty awesome and with lots of
    good stuff!

  2. Congrats on winning this, it looks like an amazing box! I love the sound of the foot scrub :)

    Jess xo

  3. You know I completely understand the pain of a memebox addiction - you don't want to kno how many I've got on order!