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Glossybox - July 2014

22 July 2014

This box is the last one from my 3 month subscription to Glossybox, and I'm quite glad it's come to the end of it's run! I won't be renewing, out of the three boxes I've received this one was definitely the best, but I was really not impressed by the others.

The July box promised four full-sized products, all from American brands. I love the design of the box, with the stars and stripes!

I love me a nail polish, so I was pretty chuffed to see I'd gotten a box with a full-size Color Club polish. It's not a particularly summery colour, but it fits with the theme of the box really well and I love blue polishes so I didn't mind!

I'd never tried Carmex before, but I am a total lip balm hoarder so I tried this straight away thinking I would love it. Unfortunately it's one of those tingly lip products so I wiped it off more or less straight away and binned it. Bit of a disappointment!

Besides the Carmex, this is the only other product in the box that won't get used. I don't tend to use eyeshadow primers unless I'm going out and doing a bigger eyeshadow look than I would during the day. I shall be looking to rehome this with someone!

I hadn't heard of Mary Kay before, but I love trying new mascaras, and I was pleased to see that this had a thinner plastic wand. I find these much easier to use than bigger bristley wands, and having tried this out it definitely gives my eyelashes volume and definition. I'm pretty impressed with it overall.

The final item in the box that I think most people were super excited about was the Bellapierre lipstick. There were three different shades going out in the boxes (pink, orange and red), and I landed the pink. It has a very creamy formula and felt quite comfortable when I tried it on, but I didn't wear it for an extended period of time so I'm not sure what it would be like for day to day wear.

As I said before, this is the best box I have had from Glossybox since taking out my three month subscription. There was a really nice selection of brands and different types of make up in the box, I just feel like Glossybox have lost their touch compared to other beauty box companies. 

What did you think to this month's box?


  1. I think this month's box is really disappointing :( it had the possibility to be amazing, but I can't believe they put Carmex in it! I hate Carmex, it burns my lips! I agree, I think Glossybox have lost touch completely and Birchbox as a whole, are so much better! xxx

    Gemma //

  2. I like the look of the lipstick! I would like to see review on the mascara though :)

    Pink Frenzy

  3. I've heard a few people complaining about the carmex, but I love that stuff!

  4. This is a really cool box, All the products are things you'd use quite often :)


  5. I have to be honest, I was really unimpressed with my box this month, everyone else seems to love it! lol x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  6. I love all the items you got, especially the lipstick. It's such a lovely color. I'm the opposite with lips, I actually like the tingling hah!