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16 July 2014

For those who know me outside of this blog this won't be news, but for those who don't, I've signed up to do a degree with the OU! It's been something that I've wanted to do for a really long time and I finally bit the bullet a couple of weeks back and signed up for my first course, which will be starting in October. The degree I will be working towards is a BA in Arts and Humanities, with a focus on History of Art. The course itself focuses on many different forms of art, such as music, poetry, and english literature, as well as heritage and history.

I'm quite excited to start, but also really nervous! I've been out of education for 6 years now, which is nothing compared to how long other students will have been out of it, but I still feel quite worried about writing essays and taking notes again! Obviously, it will mean that the blog will probably have to take a back seat, but I am going to try and keep blogging if I get time. 

I've already received the list of set texts for my first course, which is The Arts Past and Present (AA100). I've had a quick flick through them and they've made me a little bit nervous! Dr Faustus is the first text that we will be covering on the course and I'm a little bit daunted by the language. I'm going to try and have a more in depth read of it before the course starts though so hopefully this will help me feel a bit more comfortable with it. 

I haven't had much of an in-depth look at the other texts yet, but the poetry is already scaring me! I'm really not that into creative writing and poetry but I'm trying to keep my mind open at this point. The short stories look quite intriguing, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading some of them. The Burial at Thebes seems easier to read than I had first thought, but again, I haven't really read it in a serious way, I've just dipped in and out.

I'm going to try and keep the blog updated with how I'm getting on with the course when it starts, but obviously I might not be able to blog as much as I would like. In the meantime, I'm going to carry on blogging about make up and beauty boxes, and enjoying my free time!

Have you ever done a distance learning course, or a course with the OU? 
What did you like about it?


  1. This is so exciting!
    I did a degree with the OU and loved it :)

  2. Oh good luck with your course, it sounds so interesting!! :)

    Jess xo