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First impressions: Makeup Revolution's Run Boy Run Palette

09 July 2014

I'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon with this one, but Makeup Revolution managed to bring out all of their lovely new palettes and lipsticks when I was skint and desperately waiting for payday! Obviously I've since been paid, so I put in a couple of orders and I'm going to be taking you through my first impressions of the things I bought!

If you've been reading this blog a while, you'll know I love a shimmery eye, so I couldn't resist the new eyeshadow palettes. Run Boy Run particularly caught my eye with its gorgeous selection of matte nudes and shimmers. The palette itself arives in a cardboard box with the name emblazoned on the front, and a photograph of the shadows on the back. The actual palette is a shiny black plastic which I expected to feel cheap, but it actually feels really sturdy and clips shut in a really satisfying way.

The shadows are beautiful. I think that some of them will probably be more wearable than others, but apart from the super dark ones, I will be wearing these to work as much as possible! 

Starting from the top row, these are all so wearable. Trying to Catch You is super pale, it'd probably work really well as a higlighter or as a base shade though. I'm loving Sun Will Be Guding You, Day is a Prophecy and Another Day. These are exactly the kind of shades I love to wear during the day.

Middle row, and I love all of these too! I'm annoyed at myself for not capturing You Will Be My Boy very well, as it has a gorgeous red glitter to it. Break Out From Society is a fab colour, I'm not sure how I'm going to wear it, but I just love how pigmented it is!

And finally the bottom row of matte shadows. I'm going to be honest, I probably won't use these. They're all very pale, and I'm all about the gorgeous shimmers. They might be good for bases, or highlighters, but I don't tend to bother with those most of the time anyway.

Even with the matte shades being a bit of a disappointment, this is still a beautiful palette. You can find it here for £6. 

What do you think of Makeup Revolutions new palettes?


  1. I have a surprise Makeup Rev palette on it's way,
    I'm sort of crossing my fingers for this one now!
    Great review

  2. This looks gorgeous palette! I ordered few goodies from them too yesterday :) Lovely post! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  3. I´ve never heard of this brand before but this palette looks great! I have to check them out :)

  4. 'Sun Will Be Guiding You' looks like such a gorgeous shade and has to be my favourite from the palette. Great to see swatches of them all, especially since they can look different in the pan to the swatches sometimes!

    Great post x

  5. I'm waiting on my package from them for 2 weeks now :( really looking forward to trying their palettes!!
    love the swatches!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  6. Makeup Revolution can do no wrong right now! I have the girls on film palette in this range and that's amazing too! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog