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Wantable Intimates Box - May 2014

09 June 2014

I've been eagerly anticipating my next Wantable since we came back from Corfu! I received an email while we were away to let me know that it had been dispatched, and after that I couldn't stop checking the parcel tracker to find out where my box was!

The box felt quite heavy when I eventually received it, and I couldn't wait to see what was inside! The first item I spotted was this cute green pyjama top from St Eve. Like an idiot I accidentally threw away the piece of paper that lists how much everything is worth, so I can't say the overall value of the box or the individual items, but I think this is a great sized product to receive in the box, and it's super comfy too!

I also got these cute socks from K Bell. In the pack there are 10 individual socks in different colours and patterns, and they are BRIGHT. The yellow ones in particular kind of hurt my eyes if I look at them for too long! I kind of love them though, these are great for summer!

These boy shorts are Wantable's own design, and they are so comfy! I wore them over the weekend and couldn't believe the comfiness. The design is really cute too, I love the pink stripes!

I also got some more saucy undies in the form of these gorgeous teal knickers. These were labelled as being worth $22 which is pretty good going. They're gorgeous and I love them.

The final item in my box were these liners. I've never tried anything like this before, normally just wearing shoes with bare feet in summer doesn't bother me, but I'm definitely willing to give them a try. They're quite pretty but they do feel a bit odd! It might be something I have to get used to.

Overall, I've been really impressed by Wantable again. I love the surprise element to the boxes, and even though I wouldn't have necessarily picked out some of these items for myself, there are some lovely things to try out!

If Wantable is something you'd like to try for yourself, you can sign up using my link, which will give me $10 credit towards future boxes!


  1. Some lovely things, I love the look of the boy shorts! :)
    And you can never have too many socks!

  2. The boy shorts look super comfy and the teal knickers are gooorgeous! The PJ top is a really pretty colour, too.
    Looks like a fab box :)

    Jess xo

  3. Great box! Every single items seems to be a hit and not a miss.

  4. wow, I love everything you got!!