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Weekly Book Round Up #45

20 June 2014

I was pretty excited to see a spin-off series from Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl after their Beautiful Creatures series ended, especially when I heard that these books would be following Ridley and Link. Ridley is a siren, and Link is a hybrid incubus. After saying goodbye to their friends in Gatlin, they travel to New York. Ridley is in a whole heap of trouble after losing 2 bets to the owner of a club, and one of her debts is a drummer. In the process of paying off her debt, Ridley manages to alienate Link and the rest of the people in his band. Set in a dark underworld of magic and persuasion, I really enjoyed the beginning of this new series. The ending was really irritating though, a huge cliffhanger that I'm going to have to wait ages to resolve! Boo! You could probably read this if you haven't read the Beautiful Creatures books, but you might feel a bit confused at the start.

Nicola's rating: 4/5

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