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May Empties

02 June 2014

 Due to going on holiday this month, I managed to get through some of the many samples I had piling up, as well as some of my usual products!

This Redken conditioner came with the April LoveMe Beauty box and I loved using it! It had a fantastic cranberry scent and left my hair silky soft. It's intended for those with coloured hair (mine isn't) so I can't comment on whether it prolongs your colour or not, but still a lovely product. 

Repurchase: Yes, if I dyed my hair again, and could find it online!

 Simple face wipes are a regular repurchase for me. I know they aren't the best thing for your skin but these ones are so soft and they remove my mascara really well. 

Repurchase: Already have.

This Gilchrist and Soames shower gel came with a Birchbox a while back, and I took it with me on holiday as an alternative to some of my more floral ones in case Luke wanted to use it. It had quite a neutral scent, which wasn't unpleasant and meant we were both happy to use it, but with a full size bottle priced at around £14 I probably won't be repurchasing.

Repurchase: Probably not.

I also took this sample of Balance Me's Super Toning body wash. This had a really weird consistency, it was incredibly thick and reminded me of honey! The scent was a mix between floral and herby, with the ingredients including juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender. We both enjoyed using this shower gel, as with the Gilchrist and Soames one, the scent was quite unisex.

 Repurchase: No. We have so much shower gel at home already! 

I also took a couple of these Herbal Essences minis with us. I love Herbal Essences, the cute colourful bottles and the amazing scents are right up my street and I'd forgotten how good they are! After using these on holiday I can definitely see myself picking up the bigger sizes.

Repurchase: Yes.

I received this sample of Caudalie's Divine Legs lotion with this month's You Beauty Discovery box, and decided to save it until after my holiday. Initially I was quite wary, especially as it looked very dark when it came out of the sachet, but I actually think that this is a great beginners tanning lotion. It left my legs subtly tanned and wasn't at all streaky. Plus, it washes off easily.

Repurchase: At £26 a bottle, probably not.

This Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave-In Conditoner (What a mouthful!) was also in the You Beauty Discovery box, and a post-holiday treat. It was incredibly easy to use, I just combed it through my hair after washing and left it. The next day my hair felt nourished and conditioned, it was a really lovely way to pamper my hair after it had been exposed to chlorine, sun, and the sea!

Repurchase: This is only £5.99 for a 200ml bottle, so I probably will at some point.

Finally, I finished up this sample of Betty Hula's Secret Wonder Oil. I've been using it on stretch marks and have seen a slight improvement. I could have done with a bigger sample to really get a feel for the product, but I found that the rollerball was great for applying it as it meant less greasiness overall.

Repurchase: Maybe.

I can't believe how much stuff I got through this month! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think to them?


  1. Lovely little blogging posting! I have heard amazing reviews about Redken hair products so I think I need to purchase :) xo

  2. such nice products! I have some redken color save shampoo waiting to be used and am quite curious on my red hair! wasn't the conditioner tinted?
    nice post!

    1. No there was no tint to it at all, just left my hair really soft and smelling like cranberries :)

  3. The Caudalie Divine Legs sounds lovely!! I really like the sound of the Redken conditioner, too, I love cranberries :D

    Jess xo

  4. Awesome products, I really want to try the redken conditioner!

  5. Great products! I love little samples its so handy to take them with you when traveling. I'll be doing it as well this month :) xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  6. You've done well to get things finished up, I usually have so many bits on the go at a time that I never get anything finished!

  7. The Charles Worthington and Redken sound like what I need!