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MUA Starry Night Palette

26 June 2014

And relaaax. After getting all of those beauty box posts out of the way, who's up for a quick peek at some pretty eyeshadow?
I recently spotted this palette whilst popping into Superdrug and couldn't resist adding it to my basket. MUA palettes are always such good value for money, and I've wanted this one for ages. Seeing it in person, I knew I would absolutely have to have it, the colours are just beautiful and it always seems to be sold out on the website.

The Starry Night palette mainly contains silvery blues and greys, but there are also a couple of dusky lilacs and a deep black. I really like wearing shimmery shadows so this palette is pretty much ideal for me!

Here I've swatched the top row. This has the darker shades which probably won't get much use, but that blue and lilac are gorgeous! I know blue eyeshadow can be seen as a bit 80's, but applied lightly this could be a winner.

This is the bottom row and it's definitely my favourite out of the two. These softer colours will be easier for me to wear during the day, and I'm particularly loving the purples.

Do you love to rock a shimmery eye during the day?
The Starry Night palette is £4 and is available here or from your local Superdrug.


  1. My favourite look is a smokey eye effect and this palette looks perfect. Such wonderful colours and a bargain at £4! Lovely post xo

  2. Lovely palette :)

  3. So pretty palette! These shadows fit perfectly the weather we are having here in Estonia :) Great post! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  4. I love MUA palettes and these are such gorgeous shades! :)

    Jess xo