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Librarian Work Wear #3

26 August 2013

So this is another heavily biased Modcloth outfit! You'll recognise the Orchid cardigan from my first Librarian Work Wear entry.

The Dress

 This dress is seriously beautiful! I originally purchased this as my "going away" outfit for after the wedding, but I ended up putting it on after all of my guests had left as well, because I needed to be comfy. Seriously, wedding dresses are heavy. This dress is a gorgeous minty shade, and the biggest bonus is that it has POCKETS! Unfortunately, this dress is no longer available at Modcloth, but the brand is Mink Pink, so you might be able to find it somewhere by searching for the brand.

The Shoes

I got these awesome brogues from Clarks for £54.99. I think that's a bargain, as these shoes will definitely last. They are super comfy, with padding inside to cushion your feet. They also come in less snazzy colours, but I have got my eye on the new Wine Red shade! Perfect for autumn.

I've included some bonus dress shots that I took a few days after writing this, as the weather was really nice!

Cute puppy sold seperately. Bernie says Hi!

POCKETSES. This is my enthusiastic face.

Much more normal.

Thanks for reading :) xxx


  1. The dress is so cute! Looks perfect with the shoes <3


    1. Thanks :) I hope you're having a good holiday!