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July and August 2013 Glossyboxes

22 August 2013

So I mentioned the other day that I'd had a Glossybox subscription before the wedding, and then had to cancel it because of saving for wedding favours and shoes and stuff. Well, a few days ago I received an email from them offering me the July and August boxes for the bargain price of £15, with £2.95 postage.

Needless to say, I took them up on the offer, and this is all of the stuff I received.

July Seaside Splash Box

So the items I received in this box are: Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist, Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 Moisturiser, Essie Sleek Sticks, Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz, and two Pout Paints.


The texture mist hair spray stuff is something I am definitely interested to try out, and the moisturiser looks promising as well.

I'm going to have a go with the sleek sticks, but I don't think my nails are really long enough so I can see myself just getting annoyed with them.

The Pout Paints are intriguing, I'm not sure that they'd be something I'll use every day though. Apparently you can mix them together to create different shades, which I'm quite eager to experiment with!

The face spray has already caused some hilarity after I sprayed it in the husband's face to see what he thought, he wasn't really impressed.

Overall, there are some useful things in here, I'll have some fun trying them out!

August Highflyers Box

This box contained: Emite Make up Eyelash Curlers, Urban Veda Radiance Day Cream, Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Shadow/Liner, Tresemme Keratin Smooth Concentrated Treatment Shot, and Oceane Make up Remover Pen.


I already have a pair of eyelash curlers and don't really tend to use them, but I'll certainly give these a go.

 I have used a bit of the Radiance Day Cream this morning and it smells fantastic (although it's quite a strong scent, so it might not be to everyone's tastes), soaked into my skin really quickly, and left it feeling really soft. A good start!

I've been wanting to try Jelly Pong Pong make up for a while, but they always seem to be sold out, or slightly out of my price range, so I'm happy to have received this liner to try out. I received the liner in black, so I might try to practice my eye lining skills!

The make up remover pen will come in handy in the mornings when I slip with the mascara brush, but other than that I probably won't use it much.

I am interested in the Tresemme hair shot, I used this last night when I got back from swimming, and its left my hair feeling really smooth and soft!

This is just a quick round up of my thoughts, I will have some more individual reviews in a couple of days or so once I've properly used some of the products!

Thanks for reading :) xxx


  1. Awesome box & a bargain price! I love the sound of the facial spritz, i've been after one for ages! :)


    1. It's really good, just a shame that the weathers not really warm enough for it at the moment!