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Weekly Book Round Up #31

14 March 2014

This book was such hard work. I really want to like Dan Brown and his Robert Langdon novels. They've got all the ingredients that make me think 'YES' but the execution is poor. I love history of art, symbology, and mysteries so really these should be right up my street. What I don't like are smug 'art historians' who look down on other people because they've not heard of a particular artist or don't appreciate art in the same way as they think people should. Basically, Robert Langdon is a major douchebag. He teams up with a woman called Sienna Brooks in this story, who is frequently referred to as incredibly intelligent and yet Robert Langdon can't help but feel really smug when he knows something she doesn't, even though this same woman has saved his life multiple times. Once you get past all the crap, the story is mildly entertaining. It keeps you guessing pretty well, but I just couldn't stomach the main character.
Nicola's rating: 1.5/5
So inevitably, I couldn't hold off and just had to read the final Game of Thrones book. I'm not proud of myself. I enjoyed this one much more than the first part, but there were a few chapters towards the end which were complete game-changers. So many things (IMPORTANT THINGS) have been left unresolved and next year is the current release date of the next book. That is too long, you guys. I need the next book now. I enjoyed the little snippets of Jaime and Cersei even though they were frustratingly sparse compared to the chapters focused on Jon and Daenerys. There was even mention of Brienne but even that was hardly anything and caused SO MANY QUESTIONS. Sorry about how capsy this review is. I just basically need moar book.
Nicola's rating: 4/5
This is a re-read for me. The Fault in Our Stars is without a doubt one of my favourite books. It is at once heartbreakingly sad and hilariously funny,  and I could just read it again and again. If you haven't read it, then you should. Anything else I say won't do it justice, just read it for yourself.
Nicola's rating: 5/5

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  1. I have seen so many people on goodreads liking The Fault in Our Stars and now I'm wondering if I should pick it up as well. Love reading your book reviews :) Thanks for sharing! xo's

  2. I've heard so much about these books. All I have time to read at the moment is academic books!


  3. The waiting for a new book from mister George Martin is killing me! I want it now too :D So many uncertain fates in there, especially that one from the Night's watch scared the hell out of me.