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February Empties

06 March 2014

This is my first empties post! I always enjoy reading what other people have finished using during the month and what they think of the products, so I've decided to start doing my own!

Obviously I don't have an awful lot of things to talk about, because I only decided to start doing this at the start of the month! Hopefully at the end of March I'll have a few more things to talk about. The first product on my list of empties is this Moisture Balancing Conditioner from Philip Kingsley. This sample came with the January Birchbox and I managed to get about 3 uses from it. It left my hair super smooth, but at £18 for the full-size, this is out of my price range. 

Repurchase: No, unless I could find it somewhere for cheaps!

This Dove Deodorant is a regular repurchase. I love the scents in this range, and I've always found the Dove formula works really well for me! 

Repurchase: Already have.

 This hand and body cream from Marks and Spencer was a Christmas present. I've mainly been using it as a hand cream. I didn't find that it moisturised my hands too well and I would have to reapply a hand cream at work occasionally. It also had quite a strong floral scent seeing as it is Magnolia, which I wasn't particularly keen on. I've also got loads of other hand creams to use up at the moment!

Repurchase: No.

 I love a bubble bath, and Radox is the usual brand I go for! This Eastern Spirit formula is a limited edition but it smells fantastic, I hope Radox will keep it going! I've also bought the hand wash in this scent because I like it so much. 

Repurchase: Yes.

So that's my first empties post! I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've used up this month, and hopefully next month I'll have some more lovely products to share with you all.


  1. i love having baths, so i may give this bubble bath a try! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

  2. How did you get through so much in one month?!?!? That is a great accomplishment. I can never do that. Good job and I like your blog.

  3. I love the Dove deodorant as well! They have a really great formula! (: great post!

  4. Lovely post! The Radox bubble bath sounds beautiful :)
    I love Empties posts, maybe I'm just super nosy but I really like seeing what people finish up each month haha :)

    Jess xo

  5. I like Dove deodorants a lot! I haven´t used this one, but I have used some others!

  6. I never use enough products to do an empties post haha! I wish i did though!