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Love Me Beauty Box - March 2014

19 March 2014

When I first saw the menus for this month's Love Me Beauty box, I was a little bit disappointed. All of the options this time around included false eyelashes (which I don't use) and toothpaste (I have to use a special toothpaste as I have sensitive teeth). Since I've received the box though, I've been pleasantly surprised.

Obviously, the toothpaste and I were never going to get along. I think this is a decent sized sample though, and I definitely think that you would get enough uses out of it to find out whether its claims of super shiny smiles are true. This will be finding its way into my up for grabs album on Facebook though.

 The false eyelashes were also not my kind of thing unfortunately. They look like a really decent product though, they're reusable and the lashes themselves aren't ridiculously over the top. You could probably wear these during the day and not look too 'done up'. These retail for £6, but will be joining the toothpaste in my up for grabs album too!

We also received this Deep Steep foot stick. This is a kind of solid balm for feet which melts upon contact with skin. It's got a really strong minty scent which I'm not too keen on, but if it's going on my feet then it's not going to be too near my face, so I guess I can live with it. This is a full-size product which retails for around £5. 

 Also in this months box were these lovely bath salts. The option that I chose came with the 'Vintage Bouquet' scent, which is a blend of Bergamot and Geranium, and smells absolutely divine. I'm not normally one for floral scents so I was really surprised to find that I loved the smell of these. I actually can't wait to have a bath now! There are also little pieces of dried flowers in the sachet as well. I'm not sure I'll be putting those in the tub with me though.

 Each of the boxes this month featured a product from Murad as well. The option I chose came with this Pomegranate exfoliating face mask. Face masks are not something that I use regularly, but I love the idea of this being fruity smelling. I've not opened the sachet yet as I'm saving it for after my lovely floral bath, but I will definitely be letting you know how I get on with it.

Finally, the star product of the box for me is this Viper Venom Eye Fix from Nip + Fab. This is full-size and retails for £14.95. This claims to target dark under eye circles and fine lines in the eye area. I've had a quick go with this, and it feels absolutely lovely when you apply it. There is an instant cooling feeling and my eyes definitely felt refreshed. Overall, very pleased to see this in the box!

So that's my round up of the March Love Me Beauty box. I haven't been as impressed this month as I have been previously, as there were a couple of items in the box that I won't be using. However, the items in the box that I will be using look fantastic and I can't wait to start testing them out! Hopefully this has just been a bit of blip and April will see Love Me Beauty back on top form.

Do you subscribe to Love Me Beauty? What box option did you pick this month?


  1. Nice box, but it does look kind of disappointing for some reason. I would love to try the toothpaste though.

    1. It's definitely not up to their usual standards! This is the first box I've received where I've not been as excited by the menus though, so hopefully next month will be better.

  2. What a neat idea, it looks pretty neat to me!
    Canvas of a Face

  3. I picked the same box as you did:p I don`t use false lashes either, I will give them to someone else I guess...but overall I loved my boxes, mainly because we got 3 full sized products. (on this note, Birchbox stop it with the ridiculous small samples)

  4. Toothpaste? In a beauty box? I guess it makes sense, but I've never seen that before. The bath salts, exfoliating mask, and eye fix all sound totally awesome though, and make up for the toothpaste and false eyelashes.