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Interview Haul

12 March 2014

So the exciting news I mentioned last week is that I have a new job! I'm really pleased, but also quite sad to be leaving my current job as I've worked there longer than I have anywhere else. When I found out I'd got an interview I was quite stressed as I knew I didn't have anything remotely smart enough to wear! Luckily, this month was one of the council tax break months, so I had some spare cash to go shopping for an outfit.

The first item on my shopping list was a dress. I knew I wanted something with a pencil silhouette as this suits my figure best, and I spotted this dress in Dorothy Perkins for £25. I tried it on and it fit like a glove, so that was easily sorted! I was so pleased to get it for such a reasonable price too, I had been expecting to shell out £50+ for a decent dress.

I wasn't sure whether to get a smart cardigan or a blazer to go with the dress. I tried on quite a few blazers in different shops, but I have to wear the petites as I'm really short and I found that most of them made my shoulders look ridiculous! After much online searching I spotted these cardigans on the H&M website. Originally I was going to get the pink, but when I went into my local store I saw that they had this lovely cream design which was perfect with my dress. One thing I would say about these though, is that they run large. I would normally buy a medium in H&M, but I bought a small because the mediums looked baggy. When I got home I realised that the small was still too baggy, so I washed and dried it, and luckily it shrank just enough to be better fitting!


As for accessories, I knew I would need a smart handbag. Normally I carry everything around in a satchel, but I figured something more smart would be needed for an interview! Accessorize came to my rescue with this cute handbag. For £29, this was a bargain. It's a bag that I will get loads of use out of, and it's roomy enough to carry around all of my essentials and more. I could almost fit my certificates folder into it as well, it was only just too small.

The final item on my list was shoes. I knew I was going to get them from Clarks, I just wasn't sure what style I wanted. In the end it was between these gorgeous heels or these sensible brogues. I tried both pairs on and I think I would have probably managed alright with the heels, but I'm far more at home in flats and I already own a pair of these brogues in a snazzy black and white pattern. They're super comfortable, and they last for ages. 

So that's my interview haul! I'm really pleased with the things that I got as I will definitely use them all again in my new job, and I also think I managed to get some really good bargains. The dress and the cardigan definitely saved me a fortune, buying a full suit would have been super expensive!

What do you think of my interview haul? Would you prefer to wear a suit or something a bit less formal? 



  1. I love the dress, what a lovely print! The cardi looks so nice, too :)
    Congrats on the new job!!!

    Jess xo

  2. I loved that dress!!! Lovely haul!

  3. The perfect look for the interview, very smart :) I love the dress!! Congratulations on the new job :)

  4. I love that dress! Pencil dresses are the best! Like the purse too

  5. I really like those shoes! And congrats on the job!