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Weekly Book Round Up #29

28 February 2014

Everyone knows I love me a mystery/thriller novel, so this was right up my street. The novel follows a private investigator and his unrelenting search for a teenage girl who goes missing after he has given her a lift. There were a lot of tandem stories going on within this novel. The main character, Cal, has recently lost his son and is trying to find out who sold him the drugs that finished him off, there are crooked cops, the ongoing search for Claire, and Cal's attempts to rebuild his relationship with his wife. I can't remember having read any of Linwood Barclay's previous novels, but I definitely feel like I need to have another look. This story kept me guessing from beginning to end and I absolutely loved it! Well worth a read.
Nicola's rating: 4/5
Only one book this week but I have been a super busy bunny. I've had some life stuff going on, and also the next book I'm reading is another chunky Game of Thrones! Hopefully I'll have a couple of books for you all next week :)

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