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The Rich is Back set

08 February 2014

This is the final Benefit item that I received for Christmas. This flamboyant set is based around the brightness and colour of the 70's, designed with a helping hand from Matthew Williamson.


I love the colourful packaging, it really fits with the 70's vibe! Included with the set are four eyeshadows, a blush, a mini They're Real! mascara, and a mini Inferno lip gloss.

I love the eyeshadows, they're so pigmented and they glide onto your eyelids incredibly smoothly. The set does come with a guide on how to apply the make up to achieve a gorgeous 70's look, but I'm probably going to save the tutorial until I have a night out! I think my favourite shades from the set are Feel So Teal and Solid Gold, they're so pretty!

Sorry about my goosepimply arms! It's been a bit chilly in the UK recently. The Inferno gloss is a gorgeous pigmented red with some shimmer to it, and the Gimme Fever blush is a lovely peachy colour. I've definitely developed a love for Benefit's blushers this Christmas.

How cute is the packaging as well? Very nice. Below I've got an on the lip swatch of this gloss, you can see a bit of the shimmer there.

The part of this set I was really excited about was the mascara! I've heard great things about this, and I couldn't wait to try it out. I love the sleek brush, nice and easy to handle. As you can see, it really made my lashes stand out. I might have to grab myself a full size version of this little beaut.

What do you think of the Rich is Back set? Do you like the idea of trying out smaller sized products before shelling out on the normal sizes, or do you prefer to take a risk?



  1. This looks like a lovely set, those shadows are gorgeous shades and I love the look of the blusher! :)

    Jess xo

  2. I have a sample of that mascara! Your lashes look amazing! I need to test it out on my own lashes!!

    Brittany's Secret

  3. That is a cute set. I agree that your lashes look great. I need that mascara!

  4. I love the look of this set! the colours look awesome!! <3