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Barry M Silk Nail Effects

24 February 2014

As soon as I saw the new collection from Barry M, I knew I'd be adding a few polishes to my collection! The Silk collection has a pearlescent matte sheen which looks absolutely gorgeous. The polishes are available in a range of pastel shades, just in time for spring!

The three shades I picked are Meadow (green), Mist (blue) and Heather (lilac). I love the finish of these polishes, however I did find that they seemed to take longer to dry than I would normally expect from Barry M polishes, and I also noticed that they were quite easy to dent or mark. Unfortunately if you were to use a top coat you would lose the beautiful silky sheen, but if you want these to last a top coat is probably going to be a must. 

Trying to pick a favourite out of these three shades is basically impossible, they're all absolutely beautiful. The other shades available are a baby pink, a pearly white and a kind of tan gold colour. They're available from Boots and Superdrug and are £3.99 each.


  1. I love the look of these, all six shades are gorgeous but I think Heather or Mist would have to be my favourite. Shame they don't last very well, but I guess you kind of expect that with a polish you can't top-coat :(

    Jess xo

  2. These look gorgeous! I love the shade Heather, so pretty! xo's

  3. I bought 3 shades on Saturday and found they took ages to try, I need to re do my nails as they are all smudged and dented :( really beautiful shades though, I bought blossom, pearl and mist :)