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Weekly Book Round Up #52

08 August 2014

Firstly, wow. This marks a year of blogging for me which is amazing! I'm really not looking forward to having to give it up once I start studying, I'll miss taking photos and planning posts.

Anyway, this weeks book is The Book of Life, the final book in The Discovery of Witches trilogy. I've been waiting two years for this book to come out, and initially I was pretty disappointed. It's definitely one of those books that has a very steady incline towards the ending. I was expecting a lot more drama and action, but there just seemed to be an awful lot of planning and mooching about. Obviously if your main character is pregnant then you can't really have her getting into all kinds of scrapes, but I just felt a bit disappointed. I still thought it was a good ending to the series, all the loose ends were wrapped up nicely, but don't expect there to be any last minute plot twists.

Nicola's rating: 3.5/5

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