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Memebox Superbox #36 Pore Care 3

13 August 2014

I'm starting to develop a bit of an addiction to Memeboxes. I've got several pre-ordered and I'm waiting eagerly for them to arrive! I was over the moon when the Pore Care 3 box was delivered last week, I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

The box was jam-packed with pore-busting goodies, and because this is a Superbox, they're all full-size! The first item that caught my eye was the Skin House Pore Control Powder Serum ($28). I haven't tried this yet as I've got a few serums that I'm trying to get through, but I tried a small amount on my hand and it has a pleasant cucumber scent.

The next item I picked out was the Lailly +36.5 Steam Pore Pack ($28). I love a good face mask so I was really pleased to see one in this box. It looks like quite a heavy duty mask so I might wait until I'm having a really bad skin day to break this one out!

The Secret Key Black Out Pore Clean Remover ($38) is a bit of a mystery product for me. I think it's meant to be used as a sort of toner/cleanser, so I'm quite intrigued to try it out. It's also the most expensive product from this box so I'm definitely going to find a way to use it!

Being a fan of the controversial Porefessional, I love a good primer. The Chamos Acaci Matte Pore Primer ($20) contains Salicylic acid which is meant to disinfect your skin to discourage breakouts, whilst hiding pores. The texture of this is very similar to the Porefessional so I'm sure I'll love using this!

 I was also really pleased to see this Tosowoong Deep Pore Foam Cleanser ($12) as my sample of the Liz Earle cleanser is starting to run low! I've never tried a foaming cleanser before so I'm really interested to see how this will work on my skin!

Finally, we have the Aqua Beauty Pore Zero Blackhead Remover ($34). This product contains an  all-natural essential oil which is massaged into problem areas with the silicone brush. I had a go with this last night and I really did feel that my skin felt brighter. I'm hoping with continused use I should start to get rid of some of my pesky blackheads!

Overall, this box came to $45.99 (including postage) and the contents are worth $160! I just love how Memebox provides such fantastic products for the prices you pay for the boxes.

Have you tried Memebox before?


  1. Wow never tried any of these boxes,,,but all the products u got are great...enjoy :)

  2. I do love memeboxes so much - - but there does always seem to be that one product that you are just not quite sure what it is! :)

    1. It didn't help that the card they sent with the box had instructions for completely different products to what I received! So confusing :P

  3. oh wow this box is something I need!!! Pores be gone indeed!!! :D
    a great pick!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  4. This seems great and I need this box too in my life :) Lovely post! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  5. The more I read posts about the memebox the more I want to order one! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  6. The blackhead remover sounds amazing, I think I need something like that in my life! Love the sound of the Chamos primer, too. :)

    Jess xo

  7. I have huge pores, especially on my nose and just around my nose so I'd be super thrilled to receive a box like this! Jealous!

  8. My first MEME box is on its way. I CAN'T WAIT!!