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Weekly Book Round Up #39

09 May 2014

This is the fourth book in the Virals series written by Kathy Reichs and her son. While I'm a big fan of her Temperance Brennan books, I find this series for young adults a little bit boring. It has more of a supernatural element than the Tempe books, with some crime solving mixed in, but unfortunately I find the main characters quite irritating! Having said all of that, I actually think I enjoyed this one the most out of all the other books in the series. Once I got into it, the clues and investigating sucked me in more than the other books have previously, and we're finally starting to get somewhere with the ongoing investigation into how the Viral's superpowers work. I tend to get these books from the library as I'm not that keen on them, but I'll be looking out for the next one now because we've been left on a bit of a cliffhanger!

Nicola's rating: 2.5/5

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