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Beauty Box Buys #1

07 May 2014

The idea for this post was suggested to me by one of my friends (Thanks Kat!) via the blogs Facebook page, and I instantly loved it! This is going to be a new feature once a month, in which I will mention the items I have received in beauty boxes that I would most recommend! 


This month's Birchbox was a good one. The standout item for me was the TheBalm blush palette, How 'bout Them Apples? I loved it so much I bought the full size palette with my Birchbox points! The palette is available from TheBalm's website, but it'll have to be shipped from the US. A better bet is Cloud10Beauty, they have the palette listed for £24.50 which is £1.50 cheaper than in the Birchbox shop, and you won't be running the risk of customs fees. 

Alternatively, you could enter my giveaway HERE and win yourself one!

This month's Birchbox also featured the Yes to...Cucumbers face wipes. These are great at removing make up and super refreshing. I know face wipes aren't everyone's thing, but I find them really helpful for removing mascara and clearing off any bits of make up I've missed with a cleanser. You can find the full-size packs of these here for £3.74.

Love Me Beauty    

Love Me Beauty had some great products this month, but my absolute favourite was this shampoo from Neal and Wolf. It smells amazing, and my hair feels so soft after using it! It is a bit pricey for an everyday shampoo, so I'm not sure if it's something I'll be repurchasing, but I'd definitely recommend it! Especially if flyaway hair is a problem you suffer with. My hair is quite fine so it does occasionally get quite irritating, but since using this I've not had any problems. It's available here for £11.50 for 250ml.

You've all heard me raving about the Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil this month. I've mainly been using it for stretchmarks, but this can also be used for scarring, dry/sensitive and aging skin, combination skin, oily skin and for soothing sun burn. It is also recommended for eye wrinkles. The travel size rollerball is £6.25 and is available here along with Betty's other lovely goodies!

You Beauty Discovery   

This month's You Beauty box was fantastic. I loved both of the products I received, but my favourite was the Essential Care Creamy Coconut Cleanser. I picked this for my box on a bit of a whim, but I really love it. It removes all of my make up incredibly easily, and even removes mascara to a point. My skin feels clean and refreshed after I've used it, and I just think it's a great product! You can get it here for £14.50 (150ml) or £6 (30ml).

I also love the Clayspray from this month's box. This is probably going to be slightly out of budget for most people, but if you're feeling flush then I'd recommend giving it a try. These are literally cans that contain a clay mask. These dry to quite a solid mask and I found that it could be quite tricky to remove, but your skin feels amazing afterwards, so definitely worth the hassle. Don't get it in your hair though, I got a couple of stray strands in by accident and spent ages trying to get it out! Feelunique have the smaller 30ml sizes which might be better if you just want to get a feel for the product, which you can find here for £15, or you can get the larger 125ml cans here for £44.50 each. Feelunique also offer sets of clayspray masks with a spring water spray which is what Clayspray recommends you prep your skin with before applying the mask. I personally don't think it would make that much difference, but if you're interested, you can find those here for £35 each.

What do you think of my favourite beauty box picks from April? Would you buy any of these products?


  1. This is a great idea :) its no surprise when I say thebalm's palette...

  2. I had a sample of the Neal & Wolf shampoo, it smells amazing doesn't it!?
    The coconut cleanser sounds gorgeous, too :)

    Jess xo

  3. I wonder if the creamy coconut cleanser is similar to cetaphil. I use it to clean my face but doesn't really remove much makeup. I want to try it!

  4. Oh wow I loved my sample of theBalm's palette too, and ever since I tried it I've wanted the full size! xx

    Gemma //